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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010: New Season, all new game!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 - Download 2010

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889.49 MB
- 2,4 GHz processor
- 1,0 GB RAM
- 128 video
- 8 GB free on hard disk
- Screen resolution 800x600
- DirectX 9.0c
- Broadband internet connection
- USB Windows compatible joystick

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 features numerous innovations, more than ever before in the series' history. Every single aspect of this popular soccer game benefits from essential improvements, with fundamental gameplay advancements, making PES 2010 the football simulator with the highest degree of realism ever created.

Improvements in 2010 release include:
- New zonal defending intuitively covers spaces, meaning players constantly need to look for new ways to attack.
- Mayor visual revamp, with its celebrated player likenesses and animations now even closer to those real-life players, including live player depicted with an improved lightning system that differentiates between various conditions.
- Dribbling, turning and kicking animations have been greatly enhanced.
- Crowd reactions to the on-field action are now more varied, with all new chants and cheers, adding realism to the match.
- Regarding AI, midfielders and defenders now work together to cover open space and close down attacks, meaning that cover can be provided for lower ranked defenders.

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